21st Century Reviews, Coverage Options, and Ratings in 2019

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June 11, 2019

21st Century Auto Insurance Reviews, Coverage Options, and Ratings for 2019


Primarily serving drivers in California, 21st Century is a relatively small subsidiary of Farmers. 21st Century has excellent financial standing and is competitive in terms of coverage, but may not have the extra features you desire if you're looking to go above and beyond to cover your bases. Our review of 21st Century's insurance coverage options and discounts can help you get an idea of the company's offerings and decide if it's the right insurance company for your next policy.

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JD Power Rating — Average: JD Power rates 21st Century a 3 out of 5 in overall customer and claims satisfaction.

Financial strength — Excellent: This rating indicates 21st Century's excellent financial health ensures a very reliable ability to pay out claims.

NAIC Rating — Slightly Below Average: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners received slightly more complaints than average regarding 21st Century in 2018.

21st Century car insurance coverage options

Standard coverage options like collision, comprehensive, liability, underinsured and uninsured motorist, medical payments, bodily injury, and property damage can be expected from a 21st Century car insurance policy, in addition to 24/7 roadside assistance, which is automatically included. Below, we detail some additional features you can opt-in for your coverage.

Waiver of collision deductible

The collision deductible is waived in the event your collision coverage kicks in to cover an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Rental reimbursement

If you get in an accident and your car is out of commission for over 24 hours while it's being repaired, 21st Century will cover rental car expenses up to $30 per day for 30 days (with a maximum sum limit of $900). This limit can be upgraded to $50 per day for up to 30 days.

Additional/customized equipment

If you have customized parts not originally included by the manufacturer that enhance the performance or aesthetics of your car, you might want to opt for this additional coverage. 


21st Century insurance discounts and reward programs

The discounts offered by 21st Century are primarily driver-based and don't all necessarily apply to your premium — they may be applicable towards specific coverages or vehicles.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle
  • Good student: If you're a high school or college student who meets 21st Century's academic requirements, you may be eligible for some savings with a student discount.
  • Good driver: Good driving habits are rewarded with a discount.
  • Superior driver: If you haven't had any violations or accidents in the past four to five years, this discount may apply to your premium.
  • Multi-car: Like most insurance companies, 21st Century offers a discount for adding more than one car to the same policy.
  • Mature driver: If you're over age 55 and complete a state-approved defensive driving course, you might be eligible for a discount.
  • Defensive driver: Complete a DMV-approved driving course to receive this discount.
  • Anti-theft device: Equip your car with an approved GPS-enabled theft recovery device and you can get up to 15% off applied to your comprehensive coverage premium.

Additional lines of insurance

21st Century only offers auto insurance in California at this time.

Is 21st Century car insurance right for you?

If you're a driver in California who needs new car insurance, 21st Century might be a good option if you don't need extra bells and whistles to bolster your policy — the traditional collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage are all offered by 21st Century, and its excellent financial health should ensure your claims are fulfilled.

However, you should always shop around for quotes when you're looking for a new car insurance policy. After all, switching insurance companies when it comes time to renew doesn't affect your premium, so it's always in your favor to look elsewhere if you feel you're paying too much. We can help you look for the best rates instantly — enter your zip code below and see for yourself how much you can save by comparing quotes from 21st Century and dozens of other companies.

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