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Martina Hahn

Chief Product Officer

Martina Hahn serves as Chief Product Officer of The Zebra, focusing on supporting the company in realizing its vision of simplifying insurance shopping to assist consumers in navigating insurance needs through all phases of life. Her role spans the creation of insight-driven, groundbreaking products to serve consumers' unmet needs and creating the vision and strategy to drive impact, establishing the company's product as a best-in-class insurance advisor.

Before joining The Zebra in 2017 as Vice President of Product, Hahn worked at KAYAK alongside The Zebra's current CEO, Keith Melnick. She champions data-driven decision-making, and the results support it. Hahn's mobile product redesign optimized conversion rate by 70% and increased user engagement by 30%. She is the co-founder of The Zebra's employee resource group Affinity, which serves minorities, people of color, immigrants and first-generation Americans. Hahn is fluent in three languages: English, German and Mandarin.