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Meetesh Karia

Chief Technology Officer

Meetesh Karia ("Tesh") is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer at The Zebra, overseeing engineering, and data, and closely involved with IT, information security, privacy, and compliance. Since his arrival in 2013, Meetesh has leaned on over 21 years of experience in technology and leadership to be an important factor in growing The Zebra from a pre-product/pre-revenue company to the growth stage, "best place to work" that it is today. Throughout that time, Tesh has focused on building our exceptional engineering and data teams, launching and developing the initial product, emphasizing the importance of data and spearheading the data and data science strategy for the organization.

Before joining The Zebra, Tesh was CTO of Thinktiv and held various positions with Microsoft, Trilogy and B-Side. He is a member of 7CTOs, an organization focused on building communities of CTOs, mentorship, innovative thinking and the advancement of technology. In 2019, he was awarded CTO of the year by 7CTOs.

Outside of the office, Meetesh is a retired competitive ultimate frisbee athlete of more than 20 years. He has played in multiple U.S. national and world championships, and has garnered U.S., U.K. and Hungarian national championships. Tesh is also an avid road cyclist and sports fan. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Math from Duke University, with a minor in Psychology.