June 30, 2020

The Zebra’s Survey of Michigan Drivers Reveals Skepticism, Miseducation

The Zebra’s Survey of Michigan Drivers Reveals Skepticism, Miseducation

The country’s most expensive state for car insurance sees new law take effect July 2

AUSTIN, Texas - June 30, 2020 - The Zebra, the nation’s leading insurance comparison site, today announced findings of a Michigan-wide consumer survey that proved drivers are skeptical of the promise of relief from a new car insurance law, taking effect July 2, 2020. Additionally, the survey tested Michiganders’ knowledge of the sweeping changes, revealing discrepancy between the law’s edict and driver understanding. 

Drivers’ Understanding of the Law Change

Of the 64% of drivers aware of the change, 26% of drivers said they were satisfied with the law change, with a 54% majority saying they felt “neutral” on the law. 

However, when asked about specifics, drivers struggled to identify the true changes. Only 32% could correctly identify that rating factors such as marital status and credit score will no longer be allowed to inform individual insurance prices. Only 26% knew that the legal minimum Bodily Injury limits were increasing. 

Insurance Shopping Behavior

Forty one percent of drivers planned to shop for new auto insurance. However 25% noted they were planning to shop when it was time to renew their policy, suggesting they may be unaware that drivers may shop for a new policy at any time and switch without financial penalty. Twenty percent of respondents noted they would shop for insurance as soon as the law takes effect on July 2, 2020.

When prioritizing car insurance factors, 42% of drivers list cost as the most important factor affecting their decision making, followed by 33% listing value (quality of coverage for the price) and 26% noting protection (getting the best coverage possible).  

For additional context about Michigan’s historic high car insurance rates, the law change, and what it means for Michigan drivers, please see The Zebra’s comprehensive report on the subject.

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