June 22, 2016

The Zebra Invites Drivers to ‘Ask an Agent’ Their Car Insurance Questions

Nation’s largest car insurance comparison marketplace prioritizes consumer education, introduces free resource for on-demand agent support

AUSTIN, Texas — June 22, 2016 The Zebra, the nation’s most comprehensive car insurance comparison marketplace, today introduced Ask an Agent, a free online community where drivers can ask questions regarding all things car insurance and receive fast, personalized responses and unbiased, one-on-one advice from a licensed insurance agent.

“Ask an Agent” All Your Car Insurance Questions

Consumers have become accustomed to the “on-demand economy,” in which they’ll use the Internet to find immediate solutions to their problems and get immediate answers to their questions — even those around personal finance.

The Zebra developed Ask an Agent to make it easy and comfortable for people to ask their pressing or personal auto insurance questions at any time — not necessarily while they’re searching for car insurance coverage — and to feel confident in knowing they’re getting expert, unbiased information from a real (and friendly!) agent.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for car insurance,” said The Zebra CEO Adam Lyons. “Since every person’s insurance coverage needs and rates are entirely unique to who they are and how they drive, they can’t simply find the answers they need to their own questions through a search engine. ‘Ask an Agent’ is like being able to ask your friend a question about your specific insurance needs — and that friend just happens to be a licensed insurance agent. You can trust him to give you a straight and fast answer.”

How it Works

Ask an Agent features a simple form where anyone can type in questions about car insurance, including those about individual coverage or policies (and regardless of location or insurance provider), and receive a response within 24 hours from a real licensed insurance agent. Questions might pertain to finding the right coverage, what certain insurance terms mean, or which factors might impact a driver’s rates.

Unbiased Advice from a Licensed Insurance Agent

Ask an Agent questions are personally addressed by a panel of experts from The Zebra’s team of licensed insurance agents, including lead advisor Neil Richardson. Richardson is a tenured and licensed insurance agent (and self-described “insurance nerd”), who has helped tens of thousands of customers in every state understand and purchase car insurance. He has authored and served as an expert source for content about car insurance and has a knack for making complicated insurance terms and processes simple and straightforward.

Some common questions Richardson fields:

  • What does ‘full coverage’ insurance mean?
  • Will my recent wreck raise my insurance rates if it wasn’t my fault?
  • What should I do first: register my car or insure it?
  • Why is it illegal for me not to have insurance?
  • Why does my insurance cost more this year?

“As an insurance agent, I know how complex the many terms, variables and policy details can be, and I’ve heard just about every possible question there is. But many folks are still hesitant to talk to their agents — or they don’t have agents — and they don’t know where to turn to find solutions for their unique issues,” Richardson said. “At The Zebra, we want people to feel comfortable asking any and all of those questions, and we’ll give them clear, unbiased, and fast feedback.”

In additional to one-on-one support from Richardson, Ask an Agent also features a library of frequently asked questions for common and general topics so folks can search for immediate answers and enhance their insurance knowledge. Categories include car insurance costs, coverage and claims, eligibility, driving record concerns, and more.

The Zebra also authors Quoted, an online publication which features more long-form content about car insurance and driving, and In Plain English, which breaks down insurance terms. The company also has a team of licensed insurance agents who sell policies across multiple states and for countless insurance companies so when drivers are ready to compare quotes and secure policies, they have all the resources they need to make educated and informed decisions.

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The Zebra is the most comprehensive online car insurance comparison platform in the U.S. Since 2012, the company has sought to bring transparency and simplicity to car insurance shopping — “car insurance in black and white.” With The Zebra’s real-time, side-by-side quote comparison tool, drivers can identify insurance companies with the coverage, service level, and pricing to suit their unique needs. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, The Zebra compares over 200 car insurance companies and provides agent support and educational resources to ensure drivers are equipped to make the most informed decisions about their car insurance.


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