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How to get insurance with a bad driving record?

My 20-year-old daughter has 4 speeding tickets and 4 additional moving violations. She also had her car stolen in November and it was just found in March totaled in an accident. She just bought a car yesterday and now she is having trouble finding any company that will cover her. What can she do to get insurance on her new car?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Given the extensive list of violations on her driving record, she would probably find the best result by contacting a local agent in her area. Local agents that represent multiple insurance companies should be able to place her with a provider that will accept the amount of her violations and offer coverage. She may have a difficult time getting covered with most companies, but she should still have a few potential options by going that route. Luckily, her ability to find insurance coverage should get easier once those tickets pass three years.

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