Do I have to add a vehicle to policy immediately after buying?

I'm buying a new car. The dealer said to bring proof of insurance. I have 2 cars one with full insurance. Do I add a new car prior to buying? So just want to know if I need to add the new car to my insurance prior to buying, or if i can do it at the dealership?

Jan 26, 2019 Santa Rosa, CA

Ava Lynch

Jan 26, 2019

You can get the insurance either before or when you are at the dealership. I recommend doing the following:
  • Shop around and get quotes for the make/model you want. If you are able to supply the VIN of the vehicle you might purchase, that would allow your quote to be as close to accurate as possible. Make sure you save the quote ID numbers and keep all quoting information.
  • Once you're at the dealership, you can call an insurance agent with the quote ID and buy the policy.
We can quote you with several carriers at You can also give us a call at  833-768-7789. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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