Does being 50% or 80% at fault make a difference when it comes to insurance rates?

I was paying $195/m for two 4 door cars (Altima & Fusion SE). I recently got into a car accident, and at first determined I was 50% at fault and then 80%. My new insurance payment went up to $388/m. That is ridiculous. What other options do I have to save money?

Aug 2, 2018 Houston, TX

Ava Lynch

Aug 2, 2018

There are several things to think about here. First and foremost, no - the percentage that you were at fault will not make a difference in how your insurance rates are impacted. Your insurance company will simply see that you were at-fault for an accident. Looking at our State of Insurance report, an at-fault accident in Texas raised rates in 2017 an average $772 per year - making it one of the most expensive states to get into an accident.  

Year After Accident Average Annual Premium
0 - No Accident $1,810
1 Year Later $2,582
2 Years Later $2,591
3 Years Later $4,126

  For a 6 month policy, you're looking at an initial rate increase of $215. While this is a considerable jump, not all insurance companies will price you the same after an at-fault accident. Your best option going forward is to shop around with as many companies as possible in order to find the cheapest rate possible. See our guide to finding the best cheap car insurance after an accident here.

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