If an accident does not show up on my MVR, will my insurance company still charge me for the accident?

I was shopping for a new insurance policy and when the agent ran my driving reports the accident I had last year did not show up. Will I still be charged for the accident even though it's not listed on my report?

Oct 21, 2016 Lake Charles, LA

Neil Richardson

Oct 21, 2016

It may still be listed on your CLUE report if the accident was reported to insurance, but there is a chance that the accident may not yet be listed on your report. It's also possible that there could have been a clerical error and it never got listed. It's up to you to disclose the accident when receiving quotes, but if the accident never verifies through the reports then you can ask that it be removed. Results will vary since it is a judgement call for the agent you are working with. Best of luck!

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