Do I add my ex wife from my insurance?

My wife and I are separated but not divorced and I'm not sure if she needs to be on my auto insurance policy? I've been separated for two years but we don't live together. My insurance says she has to be on there but she's a liability (terrible driver and it's going to cause my insurance to spike). I also want my new girlfriend on the policy so I don't get why my soon-to-be ex wife needs to be on there. Is there another way to avoid adding her?

Jan 14, 2018 Maricopa, Arizona

Ava Lynch

Jan 14, 2018

If they are still legally married, she would need to be listed on the policy. But, if she's not using the vehicles or doesn't own them, she can be listed as an "excluded driver" and thus your policy won't be affected. As for your new girlfriend, she can be listed on the policy as an insured driver. While every insurance company's procedures vary for this, it should be pretty straight forward - although you might need to sign some documentation.

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