Should I add my girlfriend to my car insurance policy?

Would I save on auto insurance if I add my girlfriend to my policy. She’s had her license since she was 16 y/o and will be 28 on 4/18? I will be 27 in July. At first I was paying $365 in May 2017. 6 months later Progressive raised it to $408. Now with the renewal to kick in May 2018, progressive raised it again to $412. I’m in the borough of Brooklyn, NY 11216. Just looking to obviously save and can’t understand why my rates keep going up. I will also note that I was in an accident, but it was not at my fault and I did go thru the other drivers policy which is they Progressive as well.

Apr 30, 2018 Brooklyn, New York

Ava Lynch

Apr 30, 2018

If the only reason you would be adding your girlfriend to your policy is to save money, I wouldn't recommend it. At the end of the day, your insurance company would be insuring an additional person and vehicle so regardless of the multi-person or multi-vehicle discount you would receive, it probably wouldn't offset the additional insurable interests. If, however, your girlfriend does live with you and you'd like her to be able to use your vehicle, you'll have to add her to your policy. If you're looking for ways to save on auto insurance in general, see our guide to cheap car insurance in Brooklyn. It might not be that you need to have another driver and vehicle on your policy, but get a different policy altogether. Best of luck.

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