Do adult children have to be added to a policy when occasionally driving a parent's car if they have their own policy?

I have a truck that I let my son and his wife borrow if they have to haul a load of lumber or supplies for their home remodel project. Would I need to add them to my policy?

Jul 5, 2017 Denver, CO

Neil Richardson

Jul 5, 2017

They would only need to be listed as drivers if they live in your household and/or drive the truck on a "regular" basis. Most companies consider "regular" use as 12 times or more per year. If they borrow the truck less than that frequency and they don't live with you then listing them should not be necessary. Keep in mind that a trip to and from the store is considered using the vehicle twice in the eyes of most insurance companies. While this is a general guideline, you may not be required to list them on your policy if the frequency that they use the vehicle is minimal.

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