My agent didn't add the correct insurance coverage

I am a TLC Driver in NY I have TLC insurance they told me I was paying for full coverage but my coverage only says Liability and I finance my car. I got into an accident and now they say they won't cover me I have emails asking if they could take my off full coverage but they told me they cant cause I owe money to the bank. After the accident they tell me I was always on Liability. I am so confused and scared.

May 13, 2018 Jackson Heights, NY

Ava Lynch

May 13, 2018

Sorry to hear about your situation. Most agents have binding authority with their carriers and if an agent marked anything that states you have full coverage I would obtain it. If you were on full coverage it would state so on the application you signed to start the policy. I'm a bit confused how they would ask you to remove coverage and at the same time state you never had it. If you believe someone misled you I would contact your states department of insurance. Best wishes and I hope this is resolved quickly for you

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