Am I covered for an accident if my policy had lapsed while without an Uber passenger?

I thought I switched over all of my automatic payments to a new account but forgot to switch my USAA auto insurance. When I called to file the claim with Uber, they wouldn't cover it. Same with USAA after they found out that my policy had been canceled because I accidentally stopped making payments. Is there anything I can do to have damage to my car fixed?

Jul 2, 2020 Lincoln Park, MI

Ross Martin

Jul 2, 2020

Unfortunately, if there was no coverage in place, no company will honor the claim. Uber coverage is in place while the app is active, though this only covers liability. Coverage for your vehicle won't be in place if you don't have a policy of your own with physical damage coverage. I strongly suggest getting legal help to navigate through the process of paying damages and any possible suits that are brought against you. 

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