Am I covered if a friend wrecked my rental car?

A friend took my car rental without my consent and got into an accident. I do not have car insurance nor did I buy insurance from the rental company. Am I able to buy car insurance now then file a claim?

Jul 18, 2021 Neenah, WI

Ross Martin

Jul 18, 2021

I'm sorry to hear about the accident, but I would not attempt to make a claim on an insurance policy purchased after the fact. Insurance is always bound for the current time and forward. Any claims that happened prior to the date of binding will not be covered. An attempt to get an insurance company to cover a claim that did not happen during its term would be considered insurance fraud and could land you in legal trouble. 
My advice would be to have the person who took the vehicle and damaged it pay for the damages. If they took the car without consent, the damage is certainly their fault. Going forward, I would recommend having coverage in place when renting a car or driving your own vehicle. Even a non-owners policy may provide some coverage in these types of situations. 

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