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Neil Richardson, Licensed Insurance Agent


Neil Richardson is a licensed insurance agent for The Zebra, the nation’s most comprehensive and most visited car insurance comparison marketplace. He serves as The Zebra’s consumer adviser and expert on insurance industry trends, authoring guides to help drivers make sense of insurance coverage complexities and providing actionable advice to help them find the best rates for their unique needs. Neil also provides real-time support for drivers on Ask an Agent, helping answer their personal questions about car insurance coverage, terms, pricing, and claims.

With nearly a decade of experience in property and casualty insurance and sales, Neil has helped tens of thousands of drivers navigate the complexities of insurance. Neil is licensed and experienced in auto, home, renters, condo, motorcycle, boat, RV, and travel trailer insurance, and he maintains his license with regular exams covering insurance ethics, fraud, and general policy provisions.

Neil has been featured as an expert on NPR, Forbes, CBS News, and more.

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