Auto-pay was enabled without my consent

I recently moved to Michigan and when I did, two weird things happened: my rates went up and my insurance company automatically signed me up for automatic bank drafts without asking me first. So I immediately disabled it and found that there was still a balance at the end of the month, despite the fact that I paid in full. Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Jul 5, 2018 Grayling, MI

Taylor Covington

Jul 5, 2018

First things first, Michigan car insurance rates are notoriously high. This has to do with the fact Michigan is a no-fault state with unlimited Personal Injury Protection. Many companies provide a huge discount for autopay and your company could have just been trying to add that discount on. The open balance is the unpaid premium you owe, after disabling the autopay discount. I would get in touch with your agent and hash out the specific details. You can always check out our list of cheapest Michigan car insurance rates. If you're curious as to why Michigan rates are so high, we've got an excellent guide to help you understand.

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