If I bundle home insurance and car insurance, will I be able to pay just one bill for both policies?

Since I will have both policies through the same company I would expect to just pay it all together. Is that how it works?

Oct 23, 2016 Kilgore, TX

Neil Richardson

Oct 23, 2016

The benefit of bundling auto and home insurance is that you receive a multi-policy discount. If your auto insurance company also underwrites your home insurance coverage then you might even have just one company handling all of your claims. This is helpful if you have to file a claim on your car and home for damaging weather events. However, home and car insurance are two separate types of policies so it's unlikely that you would receive one bill for both policies. Your best bet would be to have both policies start on the same day so you can match up your future payment dates, but you should speak with the agent writing the policy to see if that is an option.

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