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Can I add my 21yo son to my car insurance policy?

I’m in Florida and have 5 vehicles insured my 21-year-old is buying a 2019 pickup and I need to co-sign for him. Can I add his truck? He does not have any payment history that’s why I am cosigning for him. He has a full-time job and owns a food vending trailer.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Does your son live with you? If he does, you shouldn’t have a problem adding him to your policy. However, if he doesn’t and has his own residence, you might have a harder time. Car insurance companies don’t like to add drivers who do not like in the listed residence but it can vary. If they do not, your son can get his own policy but add you as an additional interest. This will help you recover losses in the event of a claim.

Keep in mind, it will be expensive for your son to get insurance considering his age and the value of the vehicle. Make sure you shop around with as many car insurance companies as possible. Best of luck.

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