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Can I be added to my boyfriend’s policy with my vehicle?

I haven’t had insurance in 4 month because my insurance company cancelled my policy upon renewal. I had 2 accidents and a comprehensive claim totaling my car within 1 year. I’m 51, have poor credit, & insurance quotes for me have tripled $4300 for 6 months. I cant afford insurance. Can I be added to my boyfriend’s policy with my vehicle?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

The answer would depend on where you live or park your vehicle the majority of the time. If you live with your boyfriend, you should be able to be added to his policy. The only reason at that point you would be rejected was due to your driving record – but you would have to speak with his insurance company specifically for that. If your boyfriend is a good driver, you might have a better chance at getting a lower rate as he would help reduce the risk you present alone to an insurance company.

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