Can an insurer make me file multiple claims for a single accident?

I had a car incident that resulted in a couple of scratches. I hit a wood log, bending the back bumper. The car insurance says I need to file multiple collision claims for the damage done. I don't want to do this as it really was one incident, and multiple claims on my record might affect my rate. The insurance company is not accepting this and is pushing me to file multiple claims.

Jul 21, 2021 San Francisco, CA

Ross Martin

Jul 21, 2021

Sorry to hear about your accident. Every company is going to have its own rules and regulations, so this is going to be up to them ultimately. If the accidents happened at different times, then filing multiple claims is what you need to do. If it was one incident, then you should be able to file a single claim. Again, though, your current company will dictate how they handle the claim. 

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