Can I back out of a claim if I've already notified my insurance company?

My spouse's car fender was damaged by an uninsured motorist a few days ago while they were backing up. He reported to our insurance and got a claim number. (We have Uninsured Motorist Protection, and $1000 deductible.) He's having second thoughts about having called the insurance company because no one was hurt, no other damage was done, and he's worried our insurance rate will most likely increase.

Jun 23, 2017 Lancaster, CA

Neil Richardson

Jun 23, 2017

After your insurance provider is made aware of any damage caused to your vehicle it will be documented. That being said, if you are using uninsured motorist coverage for the claim, meaning the other driver was at fault but didn't have insurance, you shouldn't have to worry about an increase in your rate since you aren't at fault. Not at fault accidents in California should not increase your premium.

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