Can I bundle 3 comprehensive claims altogether?

I have 3 separate incidents that caused damage. Must they be processed separately or can they be bundled together? The first incident someone threw an egg on my car which permanently damaged the paint. The second was someone ran into my rear bumper which caused paint damage. The current incident is a branch fell from a tree and damaged my front fender. Can I bundle these together under one claim?

Sep 13, 2018 North East, MD

Ava Lynch

Sep 13, 2018

The short answer is no, you can not submit one claim for all three incidents. They will need to be filed separately. With that being said, the incident where someone rear-ended you is not considered a comprehensive claim. The damage was done by another car colliding into your vehicle so it is considered an accident, which would be a collision claim if you file with your insurance company. You would want to contact the insurance of the person who hit you. If you use your collision coverage, your deductible will apply and it will be recorded as an at-fault accident. This can impact your rates for up to five years. For the comprehensive claims, they can impact your rates for up to three years and your deductible will apply as well. Here is more information on what to expect when filing a claim. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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