Can a claim be denied if I have scheduled personal property coverage for a home where I'm no longer living?

I've had my homeowners insurance with Allstate for the last 20 years that covers several properties I own in Texas as well as my wife's wedding ring. Then a few years ago I bought a new home as my primary residence also located in Texas. For that one property I went with Geico just because they offered a cheaper rate. The house that I purchased most recently (primary residence) was burglarized in April. I contacted Geico about the burglary and also Allstate about my wife's ring since it was covered on a separate homeowners policy through them. Now Allstate is denying the claim for my wife's ring even though I've been paying extra to have it covered as scheduled property. Can they do that?

Jul 28, 2017 Bedford, TX

Neil Richardson

Jul 28, 2017

The issue might be that the policy covering your wife's ring was intended to provide coverage for your primary residence. Most standard homeowners policies require that you actually live full-time in the house for which the policy applies. Allstate might be claiming that the policy that covers your wife's ring doesn't apply since you are no longer a full-time resident of the house that they insure. I would recommend letting Geico know about the ring you have scheduled with Allstate and that they are refusing to cover it. Although Geico may not cover the full amount of the ring, it may be possible that they will provide some sort of coverage for your loss due to the burglary. Even if Allstate refuses to cover the loss of the scheduled ring, I would highly recommend contacting them to make sure that you have the right type of homeowners insurance on the multiple properties that you own outside of your primary residence. If you experience a loss to one of your additional properties you could be faced with another claim denial that could be astronomical if you don't have a policy intended to cover vacant properties.

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