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Can I drop my 18yo from my car insurance policy?

I know when my daughter was 17 I couldn’t drop her drop my insurance. Now she’s 18, can I drop her and do I need to anything?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

It depends. Does your daughter still live in your household and drive your car? If the answer is yes to either question, then she still needs to be on your policy. If she lives with you but never drives your car, you may be able to exclude her from the policy but she will still need to be listed. This means she is not covered at all to drive your car, even in an emergency situation. She will not be rated on the policy so your rates will go down. Check with your insurance company for their specific guidelines on excluding drivers. If she will be driving your car then she will need to be listed on the policy whether she lives with you or not. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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