Can my ex add me to their policy if I don't consent?

My ex has me covered under his car insurance policy. We don't live together and I never signed any paper work. He gets a lower rate by that. He and I aren't together. He and I have never lived together. He gets cheaper insurance with me on his policy. I didn't sign any type of papers and I have had a policy of my own for 9 or so years.

May 19, 2018 Frankfort, ID

Ava Lynch

May 19, 2018

No. I would call the insurance company he has his policy and speak to a manager or customer service representative. What it sounds like he's doing is using you to help decrease the risk presented by him to his insurance company. An insurance company wants to be aware of all the risk presented by a client in order to accurately rate and price the policy. So, the insurance company will want to rectify this error ASAP so they can update the premium. You might need to supply proof of other insurance, which should be as straight forward as emailing a copy of your insurance card. Best of luck.

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