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Can I file one claim for 2 at-fault accidents?

I hit a wall in my condo in different spots on my car. One of the passenger side and the other on the side bumper. Will my insurance cover both? I get that I probably won’t be able to file one claim, but will they cover both?

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Ava Lynch

If you have collision coverage, you will be able to file a claim and get your damage repaired. But you are right – you won’t be able to file these on one single claim. Meaning, you will have 2 at-fault accidents on your insurance record. Now, most insurance companies will continue to charge you for 3 years. In Florida, an at-fault accident raised premiums an average of 37%. So, when thinking if you should file a claim, you should consider if that 37% over 3 years is greater than your deductibles (you would be paying 2 in this example). Best of luck.

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