Can I file an uninsured motorist claim if I know the driver?

My car was struck by a relative and caused $1700 in damage. My relative wants me to file on my uninsured motorist claim. But I have 2 existing claims now from other accidents. Starting a new trucking business. Would me filing on my ins. be advisable

Aug 22, 2018 Memphis, TN

Ava Lynch

Aug 22, 2018

There are a few things to consider here.

  1. First, most companies require you to report any accident, no matter who is at fault or if you file a claim or not.
  2. Second, does your relative have insurance? If so, then you would file the claim with their insurance.
  3. Your uninsured motorist coverage would only apply if someone hits you that do not have insurance or someone you do not know, such as a hit and run scenario.

Not-at-fault accidents can impact your rate for up to 3 years but they will not impact your rates as much as an at-fault accident would. Typically, a $50 per policy period increase on your car insurance premium. Keep in mind, if your insurance company pays to fix your car under your uninsured motorist coverage, it is highly likely they will seek payment from your relative for the damages. The insurance company usually takes legal action against the party at fault to get the payment. Because of this, I recommend seeing if your relative would pay you for the damages they caused out of pocket. This way, you can get the vehicle repaired with minimal damage to your insurance record and your relative won't be contacted by your insurance company. Feel free to check out our guide on what you can expect if you do file a claim. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.  

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