How can I get insurance with a not so good driving record?

I had my license suspended in 2015 for having 15 points. I took the defense driving course and had 8 points taken off 1 week later. These past 2 years have been really hard getting insurance that I can afford. I have not had any violation since 2015.

Sep 17, 2017 Powder Springs, GA

Neil Richardson

Sep 17, 2017

Unfortunately the decreasing of points on your license doesn't necessarily translate to lower insurance rates, because the original ticket itself is still on your record. If you happen to have tickets actually dropped from your driving record then that would lead to lower rates. Tickets impact your rate for 3 years, so once the tickets pass the 3 year mark in 2018 then you should see a significant drop in the insurance premiums available to you. I would recommend getting a copy of your driving record to find out exactly what is listed and the dates of the incidents. This will allow you to get much more accurate quotes since your driving record has a big impact on your overall price. This will also help you to monitor when those tickets are no longer chargeable on your insurance. Ultimately, getting the best rate for your situation requires you to shop with as many companies as possible. Another important aspect of getting an affordable rate is maintaining insurance coverage. In almost all cases, being currently insured makes a big difference in the rates available to you. Maintaining insurance and having tickets drop off of your record should lead to incrementally lower rates in the very near future.

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