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Can I get my premium for car insurance when I never got the car?

My son’s uncle was going to give him a car. In the meantime, my son had to provide insurance to get a tag for the car. His uncle decided to keep the car, too many problems. My son got insurance on August 31, and when he found this out he canceled the policy on September 22, the insurance company said the couldn’t get any money back instead he owned something. Can they do this?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch
Since the policy was active from August 31 through September 22, your son will be responsible to pay the premium on the policy. Every company has different rules and guidelines so there may be a fee for canceling the policy before the term is over. There may also be underwriting issues that increased the policy rate. You really need to speak with the insurance company to figure out why he owes more money. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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