Can I get a refund for premiums I was forced to pay after accident?

Had a car accident and the insurance company declared it "totaled." I live in NY state, was in a car accident last year and the insurance company declared it "totaled." I received a payment for the value of the car and transferred ownership to my policyholder, Liberty Mutual. Months later, I realized that they were still including this "totaled" car on my policy because I did not turn in the one remaining Lic plate and provide them with a copy of FS-6T. This was explained when I called to have the car removed from the policy. They continued to bill me for a car that no longer exists. Is there any sort of exception for a "totaled car" - esp if the insurance company takes ownership and scraps it. It's just ridiculous that be forced to pay insurance on a car that doesn't exist! I did get the FS-6T and provided a copy to insurance a while later, but they are saying that can't retroactively provide a refund. Any advice appreciated.

Oct 13, 2018 Valley Cottage, NY

Ava Lynch

Oct 13, 2018

Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with this matter. It does seem like a major oversight on part of Liberty Mutual. The only thing I could suggest would be to speak to a manager at Liberty Mutual or seek legal advice. Bear in mind, the fees you occur from small claims court and an attorney might be greater than the refunded premium. If you're unhappy with the experience you have received, I recommend shopping around. You can find different car insurance companies in NY with customer service recommendations. Best of luck.

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