Can I file an additional loss of use claim even after the at fault party's insurance has paid for the repairs of the vehicle?

My vehicle was in an accident a few months ago. The person that hit my vehicle was 15 years old with no driver's license. The outcome concluded that my vehicle was not at fault at all. So the other insurance sent me a personal check to repair the vehicle within the first couple weeks. Initially, I did not cash the check. Instead, I took my vehicle to another collision center to repair the vehicle. My vehicle was at the collision center for over five weeks. The other insurance paid the collision center the additional supplement cost to repair the vehicle. Now the collision center is asking me for the check that was sent to me personally. However, I did cash the check recently in order to pay for transportation and overall loss of use during the time my vehicle was in the shop. How can I go about filing a claim for additional money in order to get my vehicle back and is there anything more I can file?

Sep 22, 2019 Phoenix, AZ

Kristine Lee

Sep 22, 2019

From my understanding, if the initial check did not cover your travel expenses but was for the repairs then you are still owed for that and should reopen the claim with that company. They, of course, would need the info and receipts to show what expenses you had.

For future reference, I recommend using the initial claims payout for what it was meant for — your car's repairs, first and foremost. If you need alternative transportation while your car is repaired, this is something that should have been brought up to the insurance company after you got your repair estimate. To avoid confusion and potential issues with your claim down the line, it's important to be transparent about your actions — especially when it comes to money.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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