Can I insure my car in New Hampshire if I only live there one month per year?

My parents live in New Hampshire, where I spend about a month a year now (used to be 4 months). I live and work in NYC. I want to get a new car, but NY State has very high taxes/insurance costs. Would I/my parents be in a legal grey area if my parents were to buy the car on my behalf and register it in NH and add me as a driver?

I just want to make sure that a claim wouldn't be denied in New York if the car was registered in New Hampshire. Like I said, I do spend a good amount of time there but it's not my primary residence. It would save me a lot of money upfront, but I wouldn't want to be risking coverage.

Dec 2, 2019 Brooklyn, NY

Ross Martin

Dec 2, 2019

I would avoid doing that. You might possibly be able to skirt the laws of NY state by doing this and they may not question you or suspend your license since it would appear you're out of state. However, the insurance company will not be ok with this. If you were to ever have a claim in NYC, they would investigate and find that you weren't upfront about the garaging address of the vehicle. Claims could at that point elect to not cover the claim and stick you with the expense of an accident even with you paying for a plan. The best advice is to line your license, registration, and insurance all at the same address.

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