Can I obtain auto insurance with a UK drivers license?

I'm a 24 year old male that has recently located to California from the UK and hold a full UK drivers license (obtained in 2012). I currently hold a US drivers permit and will be obtaining my drivers license soon, but wanted to know if I could purchase and drive a vehicle before hand, by utilizing my UK license. I'm wondering if I could insure myself on a purchased vehicle in the US?

Jul 2, 2018 Santa Clara, CA

Taylor Covington

Jul 2, 2018

There are several carriers that will insure you with a foreign license. In California, you will need to provide both your foreign license and your US permit information. One of the rating factors in California is driving experience. Since you've had your UK license since 2012, you want this to be taken into consideration for your driving experience. Only having a permit in the US will impact your rates but again having your foreign license will help not to impact the rates as much as if you were just now driving.

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