Can I transfer my insurance coverage from my car to my mom's car?

My mom is on my sister's car insurance (full coverage) but she lives with me. The brakes went out in my car and will be about 2 weeks before I get them fixed. I don't get along with my sister so she said I can't drive our mom's car because it's her insurance policy. My question is, can I transfer my coverage (also full coverage) from my car to my mom's so I will be covered under my own policy for about two weeks?

Oct 31, 2019 Joplin, MO

Kristine Lee

Oct 31, 2019

You cannot "transfer" insurance coverage. While you can try adding your mom's car to your insurance policy (your insurance likely won't question you adding a vehicle, and assume it's yours) in the event of an accident, there could be complications as to how the payout would be handled. So do so at your own risk.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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