Can a insurance agent ask me about my criminal history?

I've been shopping around for auto insurance and the agent asked me why I haven't had insurance in the past 4 Years it caught me off guard so I told the truth I've been incarcerated she asked me for what I told her (drugs) and I could tell it Changed the course of things I'm just wondering if this was ethical and do I have to answer that question the next time it's asked

Jan 24, 2018 Citra, Florida

Ava Lynch

Jan 24, 2018

The reason that insurance companies ask you that is because your insurance history is a rating factor. It's not to determine if you've had a criminal record. Insurance companies see drivers who have had long histories with high insurance limits as less risky drivers and thus cheaper clients. For your second question, some criminal convictions can affect your insurance eligibility if its related to auto insurance. For example, things like hit and runs, felony DUI's, or car thefts. But you should consider that not every insurance company follows the same eligibility rules. Your best bet is to shop and compare with as many companies as possible. Do that here with us. Here is some more resources on what goes into your rates:


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