Can an insurance agent charge extra added fees just for making payments via ACH or for a hard copy of my policy?

I recently spoke with a gentleman about getting my 1996 Honda Civic 2-Door Coupe insured. After finding the monthly premiums to my liking I agreed to purchase this insurance. I was sent almost 40 pages to sign and initial via Email DocuSign. After completing the signatures/initials I read: "to obtain a hard copy of your policy you will be charged a fee of $8." Isn't it the insurance provider's obligation to provide their insured client with a copy of the policies that they're paying for? Can an insurance company force the insured to pay a fee ($6 to $10) along with the premium amount the insured agreed to pay for ACH payments?

Nov 19, 2019 Phoenix, AZ

Kristine Lee

Nov 19, 2019

While I don't think your insurance agent is doing anything illegal, it's good practice for agencies to have fee disclosures. They can charge fees for services to make a few extra dollars but they should disclose it. I highly recommend shopping for your insurance and finding a new agent who won't charge for things like sending you forms or making a payment. Also, if your agent can't explain things on the policy and is being shady about doing business that's all the more reason to change to a better place. You can compare quotes online here or if you work with our agency, we do not charge any fees to do business.

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