Can our insurance company completely drop us and all of our vehicles?

My dad pays insurance on all his cars and mine too. All vehicles are registered at his address, even my car. He's telling me that Geico, his insurance company, is going to drop him entirely if MY car isn't in his driveway... we both live in Florida, only an hour and a half apart (Niceville for him, Santa Rosa for me). He's telling me they are threatening to take his drivers license away, drop him from their insurance, dropping the Eclipse (my car) and all cars of his by September 18 if MY car isn't put on another insurance policy. Is this true or no? Is this illegal?

Sep 19, 2017 Pace, FL

Neil Richardson

Sep 19, 2017

An insurance policy is intended to cover vehicles kept at the address where the policy is written. Insuring vehicles under the same policy that are regularly kept at different addresses is considered insurance fraud and will likely result in the cancellation of the policy altogether. Unless you live within the same household as your father, which you mentioned isn't the case, you will need to purchase an insurance policy of your own using the address where you actually live. It's important to do this before your dad's policy is canceled so he doesn't run the risk of being uninsured and having to pay more for a new policy. If you are listed as a driver on his policy then it's also important for you to get insurance on your own so you don't lose the discount for being continuously insured.

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