Can my insurance company discover out of state ticket

My wife received a speeding ticket in North Carolina. We are residents of Pennsylvania. Researching online I learned the following from the PA DOT. Although reported to PennDOT, minor traffic offenses such as speeding, red light, stop sign, etc., will (NOT) appear on your driving record, unless you are a CDL holder. Since the state generates the MVR report will my insurance carrier discover the ticket?

Aug 1, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA

Ava Lynch

Aug 1, 2018

In short, it can depend but yes they can find out. If North Carolina's DMV reports the accident to Pennsylvania your insurance company can find out. If your insurance company does find out, it can increase your insurance premium for 3 years. Below are the average annual rate increases you can expect from a ticket in PA.

Year After Ticket Average Annual Premium
0 $1,433
1 Year Later $1,600
2 Years Later $1,767
3 Years Later $1,934

On average, a ticket will raise your rate by $167 according to our 2016 State of Insurance data.

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