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Can I insure a car in one state but live another?

Also what is the rough estimated full coverage for a 2018 VW GTI SE? Planning to buy a car in WA state but will be living in California

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Ava Lynch

Because car insurance is regulated at the state level, you have to have insurance specific for the state you are residing in the majority of the time. You can buy a vehicle in another state but it will need to be registered and insured for your state. Another reason for this has to do with how your car insurance premium is calculated. A major rating factor is our zip code. It gives your insurance company insight into the risk factors of your area. Unfortunately, the average cost of car insurance in Washington is $553 cheaper than in California.

You can find car insurance quotes from local and national insurance companies in California by using our comparison app here.

As for your second question, this can be difficult to answer. There are many rating factors that make up what you will pay for car insurance. However, the average cost for a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI is $911 per year to insure. For a standard 6-month policy, this would be $455 or $152 per month.

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