Can I insure my daughter's car on my policy without listing her as a driver?

She just got a new car and then received a speeding ticket. She is only going to be driving the vehicle to work. Can I drop her from my policy but keep the vehicle covered?

Feb 6, 2017 Cincinnati, OH

Neil Richardson

Feb 6, 2017

It sounds like she would be regularly driving the vehicle, since she will be using it to get to work, so she will need to be listed as a driver. Premium avoidance, not listing someone who regularly drives a vehicle, can cause your insurance company to cancel your policy. Not to mention, your daughter would likely be ticketed if she is pulled over while driving the vehicle since she isn't technically insured. If she is involved in an accident, she could potentially be required to pay for all of the damage out of pocket since she's not covered by any insurance policy. The risks far outweigh the premium you would save by removing her from the policy.

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