Can I keep my married child on my car insurance policy in South Carolina?

Can I keep my 24 yr. old child who is in college, married and not living in my household on my auto insurance?

May 3, 2018 Walterboro, SC

Ava Lynch

May 3, 2018

It would really depend on your insurance and why you want your child to remain on your policy. If your child uses your vehicle regularly when he or she visits, speak to your insurance company about adding them as a non-resident driver. This would allow your coverage to extend to your child. If, however, you want to add your child and their vehicle to your policy just so they have coverage, you're out of luck. Most insurance companies won't allow vehicles that are not parked at the household the majority of the time to be insured on your policy. In this case, your child would need their own policy with their spouse at their address. If your child needs help finding car insurance at 24-year-olds or as a married couple, click the links.

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