Can I limit to children to only drive the cheapest vehicle?

I have 3 cars and 2 children 18and 16, can I limit the car insurance to just one car and save money? 2016 4 Runner, 2015 BMW 328i, 2007 Rav

Dec 13, 2018 Redwood City, CA

Ava Lynch

Dec 13, 2018

California operates under a "rated driver" pricing system in auto insurance. Basically, all drives must be "rate" to a particular vehicle. Here, their driving profile will be utilized to calculate the rate. However, you cannot exclude certain drivers to one vehicle. Because your children live in your house, insurance companies believe the likelihood of them using the vehicle is too high and thus they need to be a covered driver on the policy. FOr more information, see our guide on finding cheap car insurance with teens.

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