Can my mom add me and my car to her policy?

My insurance is high by myself and I don't know why I got a clean record. Will my mom be able to add me and my car to her insurance even tho the car is in just my name?

Jan 24, 2019 Newberry, SC

Ava Lynch

Jan 24, 2019

There's a couple of things to consider before your mom can add you to her policy. Do you live with your mom? If so, you should have no issue with being added to her policy. There are many factors that can make your policy cheaper together. For instance, a multi-car discount, credit (if your mom has better credit), age, and even length of insurance. Below is some help information regarding car insurance for multiple drivers Car insurance for teens Car insurance for families If you do not live with your mom, you might have some trouble. Because of the way car insurance premiums are calculated, having non-resident drivers can be an additional risk factor. While it's not set in stone, bear in mind it can just be harder to find a policy.

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