Can my license be suspended if my son wrecked my car without insurance?

My son wrecked my car and now I'm being sued because the car was in my name, and the insurance had lapsed because it wasn't being driven. Is my license now going to be suspended in South Carolina even though I wasn't driving?

Dec 17, 2019 Anderson, SC

Ross Martin

Dec 17, 2019

Sorry to hear about the situation. I cannot give you a definitive answer as it sounds like this situation will be determined in the courts. South Carolina requires all vehicles with a valid registration to be insured. If that was the case and insurance was dropped — but the tags were still valid — I would say you are likely to be involved and have your license suspended. Typically the state will then require you to file insurance with the state to maintain a license. If you need this we can help you internally here at The Zebra. You can also reach us at 888-444-8949.

I hope this situation is resolved soon. Have a good day.

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