Can my parent's be sued if I don't have enough coverage after an accident?

I am 24 year old. I live at home, I'm a student, owns her car/pays for car insurance, no assets. If accident & not enough coverage could parents be sued?

Feb 22, 2018 Santa Rose, California

Ava Lynch

Feb 22, 2018

If you're on your own policy without your parents, it's unlikely they would be sued if your coverage is exhausted after a car accident. Because you're considered an adult, regardless where you live, you would be sued if you were found liable - not them. However, if you're on the same policy as your parents (which is common for individuals who live together), you might have a different scenario. Your best bet would be to contact a lawyer for the specifics for maintain above state minimum requirements for liability. I usually recommend limits at 100/300/100 to ensure this doesn't happen.

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