Can I purchase car insurance for one week?

I'm interested in purchasing temporary non-owner insurance for between 4-7 days this month. Is this possible, and what are my options? I have a valid driver's license. My car was totaled in July and I have been without a car (and car insurance) since then. My employers are hoping to have me drive their extra vehicle for about 4-7 days in about a week, so I am wondering if there is a way to purchase insurance just while I am driving their car for those days. Thanks!

Sep 1, 2016 Pacific Palisades, CA

Neil Richardson

Sep 1, 2016

Most policies are written for 6-12 month terms so you could possibly purchase a policy and cancel when you no longer need it. A non-owners policy will not cover damage to the vehicle you are driving, however, so you might want to see if your employer can add you to their insurance policy for more protection. In addition, if you are driving specifically for work purposes other than just a commute, you would need a business or commercial use policy as a personal auto policy would not provide adequate coverage. This particular situation is a bit tricky, but I think your best bet would be to get added as a driver to your employer's business/commercial policy. Best of luck!

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