Can I reinstate a cancelled policy?

My declarations page shows that I am covered until the end of June, but my policy was cancelled for non-payment. I just got pulled over and now I need a letter from the insurance company stating I was insured at the time of the ticket. Can I just pay to have my insurance company cover me for that lapse?

Jun 26, 2016 Waverly, OH

Neil Richardson

Jun 26, 2016

It is certainly possible that your insurance company will allow you to reinstate your policy, but there is likely a cut-off date so you should contact them ASAP to inquire about reinstating your coverage. Often times when a policy is cancelled for non-payment, the customer has a grace period to make payment and keep the policy active. Regardless of what is shown on your declarations page or insurance card during a traffic stop, police officers will run your information to confirm the status of your policy which is likely why you are having this problem. You stand a much better chance of avoiding the ticket if you contact your company within the grace period. Best of luck!

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