Can I request a check for an insurance claim directly

I own the car, but the claim is not through my insurance but USAA. Since I'm not a member I don't know their policies. The damage is so small it's barely noticeable but the money quoted for the repair is substantial enough to fix some other much needed things for the car. Would requesting for a check be wrong? Is it fraud if I knowingly am doing it to fix other problems?

May 24, 2018 Crystal Lake, IL

Ava Lynch

May 24, 2018

It can depend. If you have a lien holder for this vehicle, you should check the policy guidelines of your agreement because they will most likely require you to fix the damage. However, if you own the vehicle, you can request the check directly to you. It would not be considered fraud, as you are the owner of the vehicle and the not-at-fault party. Best of luck!

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