How can I return a car I bought from a private seller?

So my husband and I bought this van off of Craigslist. It's a pretty good van, I like it. But for one, the check engine light is on, it needs an oil change, its rough when I step on the gas pedal, it's like the metal is rubbing against something. And there's a lot of rust under the vehicle. Which all this is my fault because I still wanted it clearly knowing all these things. Anyway, I'm trying to register the van to my name and add my husband under it too, but I can't because on the title it says it was sold to a "Quick and Easy Auto Sales", but we never went to a dealer. I bought it from a private person. And two, the guy that sold us the van said he had signed the title and got it notarized and everything, but when I looked at the signature on the back of the title, that's not the same name the guy said his name was. And I didn't notice this until after my husband paid for the van in full in cash and I tried registering the van to my name. So now I'm trying to give the van back but the seller isn't cooperating. Legally he cannot sell me the van because it's not registered to him. And I didn't know this. I am not trying to drive with a stolen vehicle on my hands. No no. So how do I make him take the van back and give us a refund for it?

Apr 30, 2017 Clarksville, TN

Neil Richardson

Apr 30, 2017

Your best bet is to contact an attorney. You may even consider contacting the police department, but I would recommend contacting a legal representative first since an attorney should be able to assist you in getting this other party to cooperate. You wouldn't be able to file a claim for the vehicle since you technically never owned it so legal representation would be my recommendation.

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